publCIF – free software to edit and preview a CIF for publication

publCIF takes a crystallographic information file (CIF) and prepares a formatted paper (Preprint) in the style of Acta Crystallographica Sections C and E, and IUCrData.

The CIF and the Preprint are presented side-by-side and are both editable. Changes made to one are applied to the other as you type.

publCIF employs extensive CIF syntax and dictionary compliance checking. For further details see: Westrip, S. P. (2010). J. Appl. Cryst. 43, 920–925 []

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screenshot of publCIF

CIF tools online

Load a CIF to access a variety of publication-oriented tools, including:

checkCIF – the de facto standard in CIF validation

printCIF – visualization and PDF export of structure reports

plotCIF – visualization of powder data and creation of publication-quality powder profiles

platonPlot – export 'ORTEP' plots via an online interface to PLATON

catCIF – safely combine CIFs

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